News & Updates


02/06/2018: New article on the experimental evaluation of structural intensity in 2D locally resonant metamaterial plates in the Journal of Applied Mechanics. Thanks to Buffalo Manufacturing Works for their help with the experimental prototype!

01/22/2018: Congratulations to SVL's Hasan Al-Babaa for successfully presenting his PhD proposal!

01/03/2018: New article on the wave dispersion in spatiotemporally modulated locally resonant acoustic metamaterials in Applied Acoustics.


12/07/2017: New article on the application of magnetoelastic materials in wave non-reciprocity in Smart Materials and Structures in collaboration with the IDEAS team.

11/16/17: The SVL hosts Prof. Stefano Gonella from the University of Minnesota for a talk on Piezo-enabled tunability of elastic waves. Click here for more info.

11/10/2017: New article on the metadamping and energy dissipation in hybrid phononic resonators in Extreme Mechanics Letters.

11/09/2017: SVL's Mohammad Attarzadeh and Hasan Al-Babaa give 3 technical presentations at the 2017 ASME IMECE Conference in Tampa, FL.


10/27/17: SVL's Dr. Mostafa Nouh gives a talk on the Dynamics of Thermoacoustic Systems at the National Science Foundation as part of the Acoustics: New Fundamentals and Applications workshop.

09/09/17: New article on the formation mechanism of local resonance band gaps in finite acoustic metamaterials in the Journal of Sound and Vibration.

08/24/17: New article on the closed-form dynamics and the Bragg-effects of finite phononic crystals in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

08/02/2017: SVL's Chris Romero-Fischer presents his research at the 2017 Annual CSTEP Summer Research Symposium.


06/21/2017: SVL receives a 2017 SMART Exploratory grant to study noise regulation in small unmanned aerial vehicles in complex warehouse environments in collaboration with the ADAMS team.

05/10/2017: SVL's Hasan Al-Babaa participates in the 2017 School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Poster Symposium.

03/29/2017: The SVL gives 2 technical presentations at the 2017 SPIE Smart Structures/NDE Conference in Portland, OR.

03/21/2017: SVL's Hasan Al-Babaa wins the 3rd place prize at the 2017 Annual MAE Poster Competition.

03/12/2017: New article on the spatial sampling and beat effects in discrete wave profiles of acoustic metamaterials in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

02/17/2017: SVL's Chris Rector is the Spring 2017 Zimmer award recipient in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

01/30/2017: New article on structural power flow in longitudinal and flexural locally resonant elastic metamaterials in the International Journal of Mechanical Sciences.

01/06/2017: New article on vibrational power in dissipative phononic structures in the Journal of Vibration and Acoustics.


10/05/2016: The SVL gives a technical presentation at the 2016 ASME Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intellignet Systems (SMASIS) in Stowe, VT.

09/15/2016: SVL's Joshua Abraham is the Fall 2016 Zimmer award recipient in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

09/03/2016: The SVL receives a National Science Foundation grant to study the mechanics of elastic metamaterials.

07/28/2016: SVL's Chris Gnam wins the 1st place prize at the 2016 Annual CSTEP Summer Research Symposium.


06/20/2016: The SVL is pleased to host undergraduate students from UB and Cornell University for their summer research internships.

06/09/2016: The SVL is pleased to participate in the Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) at UB to support talented undergraduate students.

05/05/2016: The SVL hosts Prof. Mahmoud Hussein from the University of Colorado for a talk on Flow control using phononic crystals and metamaterials. Click here for more info.

03/16/2016: New opportunities available for undergraduate students interested in research through the Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (CURCA).


12/09/2015: New article on piezoelectric metamaterial plates in the Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures.

09/15/2015: Sound and Vibrations Lab website launched.


Current Opportunities

The SVL has openings for motivated MS and PhD students seeking admission for spring and fall 2017 to carry out research in the different SVL projects.

Ideal candidates will have a strong background in mechanical vibrations, dynamic systems and controls. Good command of MATLAB. Familiarity with finite element modeling & analysis. Language Proficiency (written & oral). Journal/conference publications is a plus but not required.

For inquires, please contact Dr. Mostafa Nouh by email with a CV/resume and a brief description of interests & qualifications.